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Remo Campopiano
Sofie Systems is the brainchild of artist/entrepreneur, Remo Campopiano. Campopiano has been working in the nonprofit arena for most of the last three decades.

In the 80's Campopiano was the publisher (development director) of Artpaper, a visual arts newspaper in Minnesota. He was the first to computerize the art data collection and layout processes for an arts magazine in the early days of computing (the phone transfer of data took 19 hours).

As a web pioneer in the 90's in a Soho storefront, he lead a movement called artnetweb, artists using the web as an artform, which culminated in the historical exhibition at MIT entitled Port: navigating digital culture. Moving to New England in 1997, Campopiano began using his Internet skills to help nonprofits in Rhode Island to build and maintain their websites.

Always on the cutting edge, Campopiano is again, way ahead of the pack with this new Content Management system, called Sofie Systems.

Nick Koirala
After over 10 years of computer programming experience, Nick has recently set up LittleMonkey Ltd, a New Zealand based web, game and software development company. Computers and IT have always been a passion of Nick's and its this passion which he takes into all projects he works on and inspired the creation of LittleMonkey.

Nick specializes in using PHP and MySQL to create a wide variety of websites and C++ and Flash to create games and software programs. Corporate clients in the UK and New Zealand have included Train1on1 Connect (creation of a social network website), DVDSNZ (integration of a SSL payment gateway into a Flash website) and Blueberry Marketing (development of a database collection and organization software).
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